The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Government Schemes

Government of India and Government of Tamilnadu provide various facilities and support services to persons with disabilities (PwDs) to lead the life with dignity and equality.    The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India manages most of the schemes that grant concessions, benefits and entitlements to PwDs.The Ministry through its network of government agencies, from the central level to state , district and block levels, ensures that PwDs and their family members utilize and benefit from appropriate and relevant schemes supported by the Government of India.


However, many other Ministries such as the Human Resource Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Women and Child Development also extend many provisions for other socially disadvantaged groups that are equally relevant for PwDs and their family members.   A summary of both state and central schemes is given as follows:

S.No Name of the Program For whom Eligibility Criteria
1 Special Education Visually Handicapped, Hearing Impaired, Mentally Challenged and Loco motor Disabled persons are provided with free special education, free boarding and lodging. Two sets of Uniforms and Text books are given free of cost every year Disabled Children aged 5 years and above (in case of Hearing Impaired children: 2 years and above).
2 Scholarship

Scholarship towards purchase of books and note books a) I to V Std. Rs.500/- per annum,

b) VI to VIII Std. Rs.1500/- per annum. Scholarship for students studying from

c) 9th Std. to 12th Std, Rs.2000/- per annum;

d) For Degree Courses Rs.3000/- per annum. e) For P.G., Medical, Engineering, Vocational Courses and other Professional Courses. Rs.3500/- per annum.

Disabled Students studying in recognized schools. Disabled students studying in recognized Schools / Colleges / Training Centres. Income limit less than Rs.24,000/- per annum. Should have obtained not less than 40% of marks in the previous qualifying examination.
3 Assistance To Law Graduates Financial Assistance of Rs.3000/- will be given to the Orthopedically handicapped including Cerebral Palsy and for Visually handicapped Law Graduates to start Legal Practice He / She should be a Law graduate. Annual income should not be more than Rs.50,000/-. Should have enrolled in Bar Council of Tamil Nadu.
4 Diploma in Teacher Education Secondary Grade Teachers Training for the Visually and Orthopedically handicapped persons . 25 Visually handicapped and 25 Orthopaedically handicapped including Cerebral Palsy persons are trained every year. This Diploma in Teacher Education was approved by the National Council for Teachers Training, Bangalore./td> Should have passed in Higher Secondary Examination. Age limit for destitutes, deserted wives and widows is 40 years, for others 30 years
5 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Training The orthopaedically and hearing handicapped persons can undergo this training at Government Medical Colleges at Chennai, Salem, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Tanjavur and Trichy The Orthopaedically, including Cerebral Palsied, and Hearing handicapped persons who are able to handle and move in and around the Laboratory and should have passed +2 course with Science group.
6 Free Computer Training Course The Orthopaedically Handicapped, Hearing Impaired and Visually Handicapped Persons can undergo the training at Computer Institutes so as to get placements in Small Scale Sector and Private Sector. This six month training programme is given in all districts and also in the Regional Centre of National Institute for Visually Handicapped, Poonamallee at Chennai. A stipend of Rs.300/- per month is given to the trainees The Physically Handicapped persons who are able to move around and handle computer and who have passed +2 courses.
7 Assistance for Corrective Surgery The Orthopaedically handicapped persons (Exclusively polio affected, CP and spinal cord injured) can undergo corrective surgery to enable them to carryout their activities of daily living as well as to walk and carryout their work freely. The Candidate should be an Orthopaedically Handicapped person and residents of the district/area.
8 Reservation of Jobs in Government Departments/ Undertakings 3% jobs in Government Departments / Government Undertakings have been exclusively reserved for disabled (1% each for visually handicapped, Speech and hearing impaired and loco motor and Cerebral Palsied disabled Persons Disabled persons who are having the required qualifications and age stipulated by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission/ Teachers Recruitment Board/Government Departments. Should be on the live Register of the Employment Exchange if the posts are filled through Employment exchange.
9 Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions 3% of the total seats in Government and Government aided educational institutions have been allotted to the disabled. (1% each for visually handicapped, speech and hearing impaired and locomotor disabled). Disabled persons who are having the required educational qualification
10 Assistive Devices for Persons with Disabilities

a) Tricycles are given free of cost to the deserving Orthopedically handicapped persons for their easy mobility

b) Wheel Chairs are given free of cost to the needy identified and deserving Orthopaedically handicapped and Paraplegic persons for their easy mobility

c) The Hearing Impaired persons are given hearing aids with Solar Rechargeable Batteries free of cost to enable them to interact with other persons in the society.

d) Goggles and Folding sticks are being distributed free of cost to needy Visually Handicapped persons to enable them to walk freely and independently as well as to protect from sunlight and moisture.

e) Braille watches are distributed free of cost to the working visually impaired persons to enable them to reach work place in time.

f) Calipers and Crutches are given free of cost to the needy and deserving persons with CP, MD, Polio affected and other Physically Challenged for their easy mobility

g) Artificial limbs are provided for the amputees free of cost.

h) Motorised Tricycles (Invalid Carriage) are provided at free of cost for severely Orthopaedically including persons with CP Students and Working Persons with Disabilities.Subsidy of 30% of cost of Motorised cycle or Rs.10,000/- whichever is less, will be provided for them.

The age of the beneficiary should be more than 12 years. The Candidate should be an Orthopaedically Handicapped person and resident of the district/area having disability of 75% and above. Hearing Loss should be more than 40%. The nature of hearing loss should be permanent in nature. Should have obtained Medical Certificate from ENT Surgeon, not below the rank of Civil Assistant Surgeon. Should be a totally Visually Handicapped person. The Visually impaired working persons - Self employed / employee Working in the unorganized sectors The mentioned Persons with Disabilities should be a resident of the District / area adopted and identified in the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Camp Program. The age of the beneficiary should be more than 18 years. The Candidate should be severely Orthopaedically Handicapped student/working person and resident of the district/area. Having disability of 75% and above
11 Physiotherapy exercise Physiotherapy exercise is provided to the needy orthopaedically handicapped including Persons with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Disabilities either prior to surgery or after surgical correction. Physiotherapy exercise will also be given to other type of persons with disabilities who do not require any surgery Orthopaedically handicapped person,should have undergone surgical correction
12 Marriage Assistance

a) Marriage assistance is given to normal person who marries a Visually Handicapped person. Total assistance is Rs.20,000/-. Rs.10,000/- is given in the form of National Savings Certificate and Rs.10,000/- in cash towards marriage expenses along with a Certificate of Appreciation

b) Marriage assistance is given to normal person who marries an Orthopaedically Handicapped person. Total Assistance is Rs.20,000/-. Rs.10,000/- in the form of National Savings Certificate and Rs.10,000/- in cash towards marriage expenses.

c) Marriage assistance is given to normal person who marries a Speech and Hearing Impaired person. Total Assistance is Rs.20,000/-. Rs.10,000/- in the form of National Savings Certificate and Rs.10,000/- cash towards marriage expenses.

Normal person should marry a visually handicapped person. The age of the couple (for both) should be above 18 years Normal person should marry an Orthopaedically Handicapped person. Normal person should marry a Speech and Hearing Handicapped person.
13 Maintenance Allowance to Persons with Severe Mental Retardation Maintenance allowance is given at the rate of Rs.1,000/- per month to the severely mentally retarded persons who cannot be rehabilitated by any other assistance. The Allowance is sent through Money Order to their native place itself. The extent of disability should be more than 60%
14 Free Travel Concession

i) All Visually Handicapped persons are given free travel concession to travel up to 100 Kms. (to and fro) without any condition.

ii) Free travel concession is allowed to Mentally Retarded persons to travel with one escort. There is no income ceiling for Mentally Retarded persons to avail this facility.

iii) The Speech and Hearing impaired and Loco motor disabled persons are given free travel concession up to 100 Kms to go to schools / colleges / hospitals / training centres / work spot from their residence and return.

iv) The Visually Handicapped/ Orthopaedically Handicapped persons are permitted to travel in State Express Buses once in a year to go to their native places and return.

v) In addition to the above concession, The Visually Handicapped and Orthopaedically Handicapped Persons are permitted to travel throughout the state by paying 25% of the cost of the ticket and thereby availing 75% of the cost of the ticket as concession. The maximum no.of trip allowed is 4 trip in a year.

Should be a disabled person. Certificate should be produced from the recognized educational institution / Training centre.
15 National Identity Card for PwDs Issue of National Disability identity cards to disabled. National Identity cards are issued by District Disabled Rehabilitation Officers based on the Disability Certificate. Should have a minimum of 40% disability
16 Early Intervention centre Infant and young children with Hearing Impairment and Developmental Disabilities are given training to develop Speech and Language skills, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration, pre- school training so as to get integrated into Normal School by the time they attain the age of 6 years Children with Hearing Impairment and Developmental Disabilities in the age group of 0-6 years are eligible for admission.
17 Homes for the Mentally Retarded Homes for the Mentally Retarded have been established through the Non Governmental Organizations The main Objective of the Scheme is to provide shelter and support through Vocational Training Program to Mentally Retarded Persons above the of 14 years Persons with Mentally Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.
18 Loan Assistance Loan Assistance from National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC) Should be a Handicapped Person aged 18 years and above and willing to undertake self employment ventures.
20 Self Employment subsidy to the disabled persons Bunk stall subsidy scheme for disabled persons Loan is recommended to the unemployed Disabled persons who are willing to start their self employment ventures. The Government subsidy will be released to the disabled persons to whom provisional loan was sanctioned at the maximum of Rs.3,000/- or 1/3 of the sanctioned loan amount, whichever is less. . Subsidy for setting up of a Bunk Stall is 1/3rd of the loan amount subject to maximum of Rs.5,000/- Any disabled persons above 18 years of age. The family income should be below Rs.12,000/- per annum
21 National Trust schemes • Appointment of Legal Guardianship • Samarth • Aspiration • Gyan Prabha • Uddyam Prabha • Niramaya • Arunim • Sahayogi • Asmitha • GHARAUNDA For the welfare of persons with CP, MR, Autism and MD After 18 years of age for the PwD, the Legal Guardian is appointed through Local Level Committee Residential facility –both respite and pro-longed care Early Intervention centre for 0- 6 yrs Educational Scholarship of Rs. 700/-pm Subsidy amount for Income Generation Activity Medical Health Insurance given upto 1 lakh Marketing Federation for the products of NT disabilities Caregiver’s Training and Deployment Group Insurance scheme for Guardians/Care Givers/ Supporters Group Home for Long term Shelter & Care for NT Disabilities.
22 Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya (Umbrella ) scheme For NGOs, Voluntary Organizations and Institutions Create services and expand current services for PwDs.
23 ADIP schemes Persons with disabilities Purchase and fitting of Aids and Appliances